It’s been a while, hasn’t it? In the past few weeks, I’ve had to deal with a chaotic mess.

To begin, the Army hadn’t paid me for nearly 3 months, because one guy just didn’t know how to do his job properly. I visited this guy on multiple occasions with paperwork, and he accused me of trying to fraudulently get paid. WTF. In the end, I went to someone above him who sorted it out in 15 minutes. I get it, the Army isn’t a perfect machine, but hire civilians with some degree of competence.

So about this new townhome. Our landlord allowed us to move our stuff in sooner, July 30th. He said that he wouldn’t charge us for the few days in July, and we only had to help clean for about two hours. So we arrived on July 30th, expecting minimal mess.

We were wrong.

What followed was absolute filth. I’m talking two pocket pussies in my roommate’s new bathroom, left from the old tenant. Toilets that hadn’t been flushed. Mold in the refrigerator. Dust everywhere. We couldn’t walk into some of the bathrooms without having a gag reflex. We think a cat died somewhere.

So we cleaned this place THOROUGHLY for the next six hours. After said number of hours, we started moving our furniture over. We spent the entire day moving all our of belongings, while trying to clean the old apartment. So that move in itself was stressful: my roommates and I barely slept. Then once we moved in, we realized we forgot to call ahead and get the utilities turned on. So we spent an entire day unable to shower. As you can imagine, we were exhausted.

After about ten days of continuous cleaning and organizing furniture, I decided to relax. I relax with two things: movies and books. And one of my favorite movies happens to be:

Pretty Woman

Shocker, I know. But there’s something about this classic movie. Whether it’s how beautifully captivating Julia Roberts can be onscreen, or Richard Gere showing minimal emotions until he meets Julia’s character. The genuine thought of a workaholic finding someone who gets him to relax was appealing.

When I watched it this time, there was one particular scene that stood out this time: they’re in the hotel room and Richard Gere’s character, Edward, offers Julia’s character, Vivian, champagne followed by strawberries. I never knew that champagne and strawberries were a pairing. Everyone comments on wine and cheese, but this was new (to me).

A few days ago, I suggested to my roommate that we get pedicures. My feet looked pretty damaged after training at Fort Knox, and I thought it’d be a nice relaxation thing. He agreed and we went to this nail salon bar. Yes, ‘bar‘. As soon as we sat down, complimentary drinks. So my mind quickly remembered Pretty Woman and I decided to have champagne. Turns out, they already knew to bring it out with a slice of strawberry in the glass.

I decided to research this afterwards. Some regard strawberries and champagne as a poor pairing, but that’s because strawberries aren’t as richly sweet as they once were. If you take sweet strawberries and pair them with a sweet champagne, the flavor is bold and amazing. But unlike the nail salon, don’t actually put the strawberry inside the glass. Adding it to the champagne glass would cause the strawberry’s flavor to overpower the champagne, as well as cause the drink to flat.

I’ll actually try to make the drink below in the next weeks:


As always, thank you for reading! I’ll be more regular about my postings now. A big thank you to A2 design who created my site icon!

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